L'Esprit de Berlin-Talking Saint Tropez 9 August - 21 August, Lavoir Vasserot, Saint Tropez

Since the historic fall of the wall almost 25 years ago, Berlin increasingly becomes the metropolis known all over the creative world, just like the warm summer breeze in Saint-Tropez...but that's only one more reason for Berlin gallery Michaela Helfrich and ART KONTAKTER INTERNATIONAL to present from the 9th to 21 August 2014 the latest works spanning three generations of artists, from past to present in Exhibition Hall Lavoir Vasserot at the city heart of Saint-Tropez,
By means of performative interventions Berlin's ART INTERNATIONAL KONTAKTER will provide a festive encounter of Berlin's creative progression to the tourists and art lovers alike, all amongst the living breathing myths of Saint-Tropez. A sure to be talk of the town exhibition and one not to be missed!

Exhibitioning artists:
 Bernhard Ailinger, Ann Besier, Anna Borowy, Thomas Gatzemeier, Pina Rath, 
Jodd von Schaffstein, Konstantin Schneider, Till David Trillsam and Gerard Waskievitz

Vernissage Le samedi 9 aout 2014 à partir de 19 heures
1 Rue Joseph Quaranta, Saint-Tropez
Exposition du 10 au 21 aout 2014
Vernissage le 9 Août 2014 à 19h00,
Ouvert tout les jours, Horaires: 11h00 – 14h00 / 16h00 – 22h00