Franziska Fennert, " Die Hirschkuh säugt den Tiger" 15.06.2013-25.07.2013

Full of fantasy and colour Fennert creates a world that bridges ancient serendipity with universal human longings. Drawing upon asian influences, the artist portrays simple family life in a setting that combines the natural world with a domestic calm. Simple poetic, the work create an atmosphere that caprivates the viewer and transports him into an idyllic of positivity. The playful colours are cheerfully underlined by freely drawn forms depiciting people going through ordinary motions. However, the ease at how Fennert shows these scenes make them seen natural and unforced. The viewer is left with a warm impression that reminds of the magic that we all share.
Eva Kumelowski (Sciences Po Paris)
Vernissage : Samstag 15.06.2013,   20Uhr
Finissage : Donnerstag 25.07.2013, 20Uhr